PHS Cross Country

General Information

The 5K is 86% Aerobic. Increasing our aerobic fitness is the #1 goal. 

The key to team success in Cross Country is summer running.  The main goal in the summer is to safely accumulate as much mileage as possible in order to increase our aerobic fitness.  This will have us ready for the fall season.  

Summer is by far the easiest and best time to transition into Cross Country. We must be dedicated in the summer to give ourselves an opportunity to be successful in the season.  The teams with a history of success in cross country, built their success off of heavy summer running.  

Are you up to the challenge?

Our goal is to get a jumpstart on aerobic training by encouraging cross country team members to train over the 10-weeks of summer. We will facilitate group training on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at PHS. You are encouraged to run on your own on the other days listed in the training plan. You can run in your neighborhood, at the park, at the school, at Kennesaw Mountain or any place your heart desires. The goal is to get, and keep, running!

Required Equipment: Running shoes, Running clothes, Running watch, Water Bottle, Towel

3 Keys to Remaining Healthy: 1. Nutrition (be intentional about what you feed your body), 2. Hydration (drink plenty of water),  3. Sleep (target 8 hours of sleep per night)

Below you will find training logs based on your level and experience.



Here are some training logs for you to follow over the summer. You can use these to track your mileage and remain on track in preparation for the upcoming Cross Country season.

The files below are based on level of experience. Levels range from new runners up to runners who can target 45 miles per week (MPW).